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Quality dental implants and crowns at an affordable price.

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We do one thing and do it best; dental implants.

You might ask how can we replace missing teeth and place high quality dental implants at 50% lower cost than many other dental professionals? We utilize the latest technology to digitally plan the precise position for the dental implant and fabricate a surgical guide for use at the time of surgery. This cuts appointment time in more than half, allows for a more precise surgery than can ever be done freehand and greatly improves patient satisfaction.

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Quick, precise, comfortable and affordable is what we offer at Ohio Implant Center.

Schedule a free consultation and CT x-ray today to replace that missing tooth or teeth and be confident with your smile again.

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"Everyone has a great attitude. They seem very happy at their job, which makes the entire visit very comfortable and enjoyable."

— Yeshiyahu Moyal

"I'm impressed! I recently made an appointment with Dr. Mikhli for a crown replacement. The procedure was accomplished in one visit due to the office's onsite lab where the crown was fabricated and set the same day. Wow! I am also susceptible to vertigo. Dr. Mikhli lowered the chari minimally to accomodate my condition. No vertigo!"

— Kathleen Garmone

"Great dentist that you can trust. He tells it like it is... if you need it or if you don't. Great staff that is helpful and personable. I have been to quite a few different dentists and highly recommend this as your go to!"

— Marc Muckenstrum

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