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Your Dental Implant Treatment at A Glance

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The Steps to Your Restored Smile And Restored Quality of Life

If you’re struggling with missing, failing or decayed teeth, investing in dental implants may be the best remedy to your dental worries. Completed in just five comfortable phases here in Beachwood, OH, our dental implant treatment process can provide you with the restored smile that you’ve been pining over. Led by our talented and experienced doctor, Dr. Paul Mikhli, every phase of your dental implant procedure will be met with precision and compassion to create a smile you can’t wait to show off.

Phase 1: Completely Customized Consultation

The first step to a lifetime of beautiful smiles in family photos is our in-depth consultation. Arguably one of the most important steps in our dental implant procedure treatment plan, your consultation will be conducted with the goal of understanding exactly what you want from your new smile and what dental concerns you have. During this visit, Dr. Mikhli will obtain diagnostics and develop your customized treatment plan that is personalized to you and your unique smile. This consultation allows us to easily craft a smile that is not only healthy and permanent, but beautiful to look at and one we can ensure you will enjoy for decades to come!

Phase 2: Meet Our Friendly Team

Here at Ohio Implant Center, we don’t see our patients as just another patient – we see them as family. Our team is here to welcome you with a warm and friendly smile and share your excitement for your new smile journey with dental implants. You will have a chance to meet the implant team and discuss your entire procedure from start to finish with Dr. Mikhli. Here, all your questions regarding your dental implant procedure will be addressed, including what to expect from dental implants. We don’t just place dental implants, we specialize in them, and it is with experience and expertise that Dr. Mikhli creates a smile that is unique to you, just for you.

Phase 3: Design Your Smile to Last a Lifetime

Since your smile is our favorite topic of discussion, it’s no surprise we ask all the questions pertaining to your smile during this phase of your dental implant procedure. We will ask you a series of specific oral health and smile goal questions to really get a feel for what dental concerns you have, what you would like to fix and what smile you see for yourself. With your answers and smile vision, we build a customized treatment plan that adheres to your smile goals and face shape to create the most natural looking smile. We don’t craft stock smiles here at Ohio Implant Center. We believe each patient’s dental implants should be tailored to their smile desires.

Phase 4: Bringing Advanced Technology to Your Smile Goals

While all phases of your dental implant procedure are important, this phase is a key part to perfecting the smile you envision for yourself. By utilizing some of the most advanced dental technologies, we can painlessly and seamlessly capture high-resolution images of your mouth and bone structure. This is such an important step as it allows us to digitally design your smile from the color and shape of each tooth. These precise diagnostics virtually plan your surgery and design a custom surgical guide for Dr. Mikhli to use when placing your dental implants, making your treatment process that much more streamlined.

Phase 5: Design Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Since we aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of dental office, your treatment plan will be customized to you and your smile needs. We will present multiple treatment options based on your smile concerns, goals and diagnostic results. These treatment plans are mapped with every detail defined to ensure every specification is met with the highest level of precision. Here, you can choose which treatment plan fits best with your smile goals, oral health needs and even budget. Your dental implants are your permanent new smile, it’s important to treat it as such.

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Investing In Your Long-Term Smile

We believe financing your dental implants should be as easy as it was to design them. We will work with you to ensure that your financing plan is personalized to you and your wallet by offering competitive third-party financing options with low monthly interest rates. Applying for financing is fast, simple and manageable to help you maximize your payment plan choices. Don’t let the cost of dental implants keep you from the smile you deserve. Let Ohio Implant Center make it easy!

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