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Restore Your Smile And Quality of Life With Your New Smile

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Smiles With A Choice

Having challenges and embarrassment from tooth loss is much more common than one may think. So common, more than 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth – if you think you’re alone, don’t worry! While traditional dentures and dental bridges were popular options not too long ago, the dental world has made great strides to bring dental implants to light to provide healthy, beautiful and natural looking smiles to each patient. Our dental implants are made of titanium – a biocompatible material that fuses with underlying bone – are now considered the most advanced and modern way to comfortably restore your healthy smile. These dental implants serve as a tooth root by being inserted into the jawbone to fuse together, creating a sturdy foundation to support implant supported dentures and permanent full mouth dental implants. Known as the most versatile tooth replacement option, dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, a full arch of missing teeth and even support denture implants. Dr. Paul Mikhli is proud to provide care of the highest quality and multiple customized options to patients to design a smile they have always wanted!

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Fixed VS Removable Teeth

Replacing missing teeth and restoring smiles is a standard of care here at Ohio Implant Center. By offering two completely customizable options – fixed or removable restorations – Dr. Mikhli can create a smile that is both healthy and radiant. When thinking traditionally, dentures may seem like the most cost-effective and quick fix solution to your tooth loss worries. However, they do come with more disadvantages as more advancements in the dental world appear. Dentures can fall out, require messy adhesives to stay attached to your mouth and cause gum irritation and bone recession in your jawbone. Dentures also eliminate up to 75% of taste due to the denture covering the roof of your mouth. We want you to be able to enjoy the foods you love and have conversations without worry. The solution? Dental implants and implant supported dentures. No matter the option you choose, dental implants are the premium solution to tooth loss and can eliminate many of the issues you are facing on their own. Our removable implant supported dentures here in Beachwood, OH are completed using our All-on-4 and All-on-6 treatment protocols to restore cosmetic esthetics and function.

While removable dental implants are an option that gives our patients options by being able to remove your denture at night for proper hygiene, our implant supported dentures are a beautiful permanent solution for patients not wanting to remove their final restoration once it’s placed. When it comes to restoring your teeth, we make it our priority to design a smile that is customized to you so you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime!



Made from acrylic (plastic)

Offers minimal support

Will need relines and repairs

Often loosens or falls out

Does not halt jawbone loss

Must be removed to clean

May be bulky or ill-fitting

Low-cost treatment option

Qualifies for dental financing

Implant Supported


Made from acrylic or porcelain

Support from 2+ implants

May need relines or repairs

Won’t slip, loosen, or fall out

Greater stability for eating

Removable for easy cleaning

Improves jawbone health

May not look or feel natural

Moderate treatment cost

Qualifies for dental financing

Full Arch

Fixed Teeth

Designed from block of zirconia

Fixed to 4-8 implants

Comparable to natural teeth

Restores over 98% function

Promotes healthy jawbone

Resistant to bacteria and decay

Fracture- and chip-resistant

Improves oral and overall health

Cared for like natural teeth

No additional maintenance

Highest treatment cost

Qualifies for dental financing

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Benefits of a Fixed Smile

  • P● Fixed dental implants behave like natural teeth
  • P● Restored function and smile esthetics
  • P● Prevention of jawbone loss
  • P● Lasts a lifetime
  • P● Prevents sunken facial features
  • P● Improves oral and physical health

Your Long-Term New Smile Investment

When considering decades of a full lifetime of oral health and happiness, dental implants are the most customized, comfortable and permanent solution to restoring missing teeth. Although there is a higher initial cost for fixed dental implants than our implants for dentures, the cost is based on necessary preliminary treatments and your specific treatment plan. We want every patient to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile, which is why we don’t think financial concerns should be a hurdle when investing in your oral health. We are proud to offer top-rated third-party financing to make your dental treatments more affordable with manageable, low monthly interest rates that fit your budget.

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